Building pay philosophies that work

Reward Works helps you assess and (re)define

  • your pay philosophy and policy
  • your incentive plans (short-/long-term & sales incentives), including the selection of the appropriate KPI’s & target setting process
  • remuneration policy for your Executive population
  • your performance management approach
  • how you deal with disparate pay challenges
  • your education of your HR/Reward staff

Attract and retain talent

Reward works offers you turn-key solutions aligning the Reward strategy with the company & HR strategy, enabling the organization to attract and retain the talent needed to execute the company strategy.

What does turn-key mean?

After thorough analysis of potential improvements to your pay philosophy these improvements are prioritized, and if needed, a team will be assembled. Our services are not limited to writing a report. Once a solution is agreed, we will implement the solution as well, working together with your internal stakeholders, transferring the knowledge to them.

    Our Expertise and Solutions

    Members of the network are seasoned, high caliber Reward experts that listen first

    The team will

    • Help you with your plan design and implementation,
    • Instructions to all group functions involved (e.g. treasury, finance, accounting, tax, legal, communications, investor relations, HR etc.)
    • Interfaces with your IT infrastructure (e.g. Workday, Success Factors) and if needed the selection of a share plan administrator
    • Your staff will actively participate in the process to make sure they can manage ‘the end product’ after we leave.