Building pay philosophies that work

Seasoned reward partners

The members of my network, partners, are, like me, seasoned reward professionals with a wealth of experience in an international business environment. Experience from shopfloor to C-suit.


Just stepped down as the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director (acting) of the Global Equity Organization. Currently active as the Global Head of Reward at Fertiglobe,  Chair of the Dutch association of the Head of Rewards network. Member of the Total Reward 2050 thinktank. Visiting lecturer at the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam. SVP Procurement and Supply Chain at Home.

My career-path brought me to many countries, working  for companies big and small. I met people with all kinds of backgrounds, education levels, religions and beliefs.

I worked as advisor for blue chip companies from Board rooms to Machine rooms.  As project and program manager I worked on multimillion projects as well as small charity projects. As Global Head of Reward I designed and  implemented all kinds of Reward tools and all these experiences have helped me to become an all-round trusted advisor.

Some ask me how it is working as a specialist but I don’t consider myself as a specialist. As the Global Head of Reward you need to be able to work at Boardroom levels as well as at any other level in the organization. Certain incentive plans can only be implemented together with colleagues from finance, treasury, IT, internal communication, investor relations, legal, accounting, tax, procurement and HR. As the Head of Reward you need to bring all these functions, with their own preferences together to create and implement a plan that is effective, efficient and beneficial to all stakeholders.

Main Learning

A well thought through reward philosophy in isolation, will not change the culture or performance of your company but a badly designed reward philosophy will hinder change and definitely block performance.

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2024 – today

  • Fertiglobe; Global Head of Reward (Abu Dhabi)

2022 – 2023

Owner of Reward Works, working on projects for:

  • Bayer; Global Head of Reward a.i. (Germany)
  • Friesland Campina
  • OCI; Global Head of Reward a.i.
  • Gulpener Bier
  • Meeting Select
  • B&S Group

2014 – 2022

  • Solvay; EVP Reward and Performance Management (Brussels, Amsterdam)
  • Signify; Global Head or Reward and Performance Management (Amsterdam)
  • Royal Philips; Global Head or Reward and Performance Management (Amsterdam)

2005 – 2014

  • Ahold Delhaize; Global Head or Reward and Performance Management (Amsterdam, Zaandam)

1999 – 2004

  • ING; Global Head or Reward and Performance Management (Amsterdam)
  • WillisTowersWatson; Consultant Executive Compensation Practice (London, Amsterdam)

2010 – 2024

Global Equity Organization

  • Chairman of the Board
  • Executive Director (acting)
  • Member Executive Committee

1995 – 1999

Employed by IBM working on projects for:

  • Royal Philips; Program Office Manager, implementation SAP, Lotus Notes and a global desktop roll out
  • KLM; Project manager
  • Interpay; Project manager

1992 – 1995

Working on projects for:

  • TABA; yield manager (Brasil)
  • ViHaMij (Prague)
  • V&S Charters (Amsterdam, Gdansk)