Building pay philosophies that work

For reward philosophies that work – The alternative

Challenges many companies face

How to

  • incorporate ESG in your reward philosophy?
  • translate your company strategy into an HR strategy and a Reward philosophy?
  • get the biggest bang for your buck?
  • align the interest of all your stakeholders?

  • create a performance culture?
  • pay for performance?
  • identify and deal with underperformers?
  • use the available resources in the most efficient and effective way?
  • increase engagement?
  • identify and deal with disparate pay issues?
  • capitalize on the advantages of diversity?


Who can we help?

Remuneration Committees/RemCo Chair/Executive Boards

Your independent trusted advisor

Support you in

  • defining/designing and implementing a new remuneration policy
  • drafting the remuneration report in the annual report
  • discussions with shareholders, proxy advisors and or other stakeholders
  • ESG checks of your Remuneration Policy and incentive plans


CHRO/CPO and Heads of Reward

For those important Reward and HR issues where extra help or insight is needed.

  • Translate company strategy into an HR strategy and a reward policy
  • Evaluate your performance culture and performance management systems
  • Assess the effectiveness of your incentive plans (short, long, and sales)
  • How to define the best ‘Deal’ between your company and (potential and newly hired) employees
  • Design and implement equity-based employee participation plans, including a RFP process to contract with outside advisors and an administrator.
  • Develop an approach to recognize your stars

OR, where more help is needed to set up or reframe the reward function.

  • A temporary Head of Reward that can help you set up a reward philosophy, train internal candidates, so that your own employees can manage the reward function.


Works councils

  • Assess the effectiveness of the pay policy
  • Mediation on grading, pay philosophy, benchmarking, governance
  • Training sessions on reward philosophies


How do we help?

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Our strengths

  • Reliable & dedicated
  • Globally recognized authority in the field of Reward & HR
  • Strong international network
  • Cost effective and efficient
  • No nonsense
  • Experience, at advisory side as well as client side,  from C-suite level to shopfloor